Lisbon Region

Lisbon is the only European capital located near such a rich wildlife hotspot – the Tagus estuary (a 20 min. drive). The estuary is the most important Portuguese wetland area and one of the most important ones in Europe. The Tagus estuary, a Ramsar wetland site of international importance, includes a wide Special Protection Zone (ZPE) and a Nature Reserve (RNET), of over 14.000 hectares, specifically created to protect wintering, passage and breeding populations of aquatic birds; however, because of the specific geography of the area, it abounds in a remarkable variety of non-wetland biotopes as well, including wooded slopes and extensive pastures.

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    Tagus Estuary

    GPS Coordinates (central point): 38º 49’N 08º 56’W

    Habitats: Salt marshes, cane thickets, tidal mud flats, saltpans, Tagus and Sorraia rivers, fens, willow woods, cork-oak groves, maritime pine forests, meadowland, pastureland, rice fields and other cultivated fields.

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