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    Tour Guide - João Jara

    João was born in Lisbon and studied biology at the Faculdade de Ciências de Lisboa, from where he developed his professional career in the pharmaceutical industry, as senior manager and director of various multinational companies.

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  • Tour Guide - Helder Costa

    Helder Costa is a birdwatcher for more than 25 years and he travelled the world birding. Over the years he visited most of Portugal’s regions and collected an enormous amount of information about the country birds. He is author or co-author of 13 books and more than 60 papers and articles on birds.

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  • Tour Guide - Bernardo Barreto

    Bernardo has about 10 years experience of birding and over the last few years has guided hundreds of birding tours in Portugal, especially in the Lisbon estuaries area.

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  • Tour Guide - Miguel Leqouq

    Born in Lisbon, Miguel Lecoq studied biology and continued his studies with a post-graduate qualification in Conservation Biology. Since childhood, Miguel has had a passion for nature which led him to travel widely through Europe, South America and Africa in search of their unique indigenous species and landscapes.

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  • Tour Guide - Ray Tipper

    Ray Tipper is a life-long birdwatcher who left his native Britain in 1973 and spent most of the next 22 years in Hong Kong where he was a trustee of WWF and became intimately involved with its renowned Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve. He has wide-ranging field experience in both the Palearctic and Nearctic regions which was recognised in 2007 with his appointment as a member of the Portuguese Rarities Committee.

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