Centre Region

This is a region of contracts.   In the vast coastline, the dialogue between the land and the sea shaped a surprising landscape, of long beaches, woodlands, salt marshes and marshlands like the Ria de Aveiro lagoon system. The interior is very mountainous with some plateaus, dominated by Serra da Estrela mountain (the highest point in mainland Portugal) and crisscrossed by several rivers and streams. One of the main places to visit is the International Tagus Natural Park and Geopark excellent for birding. Here the visitor can observe a wide variety of species of Mediterranean birds, some of them among the rarest and more emblematic specimens of the Iberian Peninsula.

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    Ria de Aveiro

    GPS Coordinates (central point): 40º42’N 08º 40’W

    Habitats: Coast from Mira to Ovar, beaches, saltmarshes, cane thickets, saltpans, fish cultures, tidal mud flats, canals, riverside woodland, marshland and cultivated fields.

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  • Tejo_internacional-pic.jpg

    International Tagus Natural Park

    GPS Coordinates (central point): 39º 43’N 07º 15’W

    Habitats: International Valley of the river Tagus and its tributaries, rocky outcrops and scarps, sclerophyllous scrubland, holm-oak groves and forests, riverside woodland, dams and reservoirs, cultivated fields, pastureland and fallow land.

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